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Countless people profess wishes, regrets and disappointments. They have let go of creative aspirations they are used to, which fell by the wayside. Unfulfi lled dreams. Feelings of emptiness, the pressure of needs and the lack of “time” take over. Small or big ailments develop. They live for the… IF ONLY.

The Magic is: Just do it! Start with the simplest act. A dot on a page is the starting point of a limitless line, of shapes and forms of expression. A graceful, light step is the start of a movement. A whistle can be the start of a magnifi cent sound. An omelet can be a creative masterpiece of taste.

Creativity is our BIRTHRIGHT as sentient beings.

In these turbulent times, it is natural to feel a loss of personal power. Political upheavals take place; you or the people you love lose a home or a job, have a sudden or prolonged illness. Yet, this is the time to seize the only power we really own—our life force.

This is the time to focus on any positive aspects of what is a gift to be grateful for. Awareness is a gift, the ability to walk, to see the daylight, to hear music and above all to smile even without any reason, simply to smile. There is great power in gratitude.

I have been in the Land of Deep Hurt, Loss, Hopelessness and Total Collapse. Surviving the war as a small child hidden in a cold potato cellar, a stranger’s home, and life-threatening childhood illness, losses of family and a very serious automobile accident in Spain, when a grown woman pronounced so near death that the doctors saw little hope of my surviving. While lying in induced coma in the hospital bed, in my mind, I was often walking across Central Park, as I have always enjoyed the simple joy of walking. I imagined paintings I was working on and other activities, which were only taking place in my mind as in reality I could not even breathe on my own, lift my leg or see anything at all.

However, here I am, well, thriving, loving my life, and inspired to inspire you. In case you feel that you have “missed the boat”—namely that you have not been able to do what you have always wished you could do because something was always in the way, making it impossible—I assure you, as long as you are here to read these sentences, there is a better boat waiting for you to climb aboard, your new opportunity. You will start looking back to recall what your dreams and wishes used to be. Surely they can be reclaimed.

In the pages of this book, I will share some of my stories with you as well as provide you with concrete, practical steps, exercises, suggestions, mind games etc. to bring life to a new level of excitement and joy.


Reclaim your power when feeling weak, defeated, and collapsing.

Claim your power into a reverse thought. Instead of saying, “I can’t,” say, “Yes, I will try it!”

Believe you can be good at something instead of asking doubting questions like, “What if I will fail or become embarrassed?” and chickening out again.

Instead of saying, “I have never done that before,” reverse it into a positive like, “What an adventure it will be to try something new!”

Take stock of how much you have accomplished in any area of your life in the past. You may be a good cook; it may have been a challenge at the beginning but you did learn to read and write. It is a skill you now have. You were not born knowing what all those squiggling black marks were. So many other skills you take for granted. See yourself in a new light!

Be your own best friend. Instead of wishing you could dance, paint, write, bake, what have you, with an inward smile and your chin up, you say to your bashful self, “Of course you can. Of course you will.”

To know you always could all you need to do is start. A dot becomes a line; a line becomes a shape. The horizon is brighter now. Keep being your best friend, one who wishes you the best, encouraging you at every step.


Say Yes to Success will teach you to use your creative outlet to create a sense of well-being. You will learn how to claim and empower yourself from unfulfilled dreams when feelings of emptiness and the pressure of needs and the lack of “time” take over. Learn to inspire and be inspired!

Learn about who you really are.
Learn how to unlock your creativity.
Learn how to be your own best friend.
Get acquainted with your true self.
Know what you thrive on.
Learn to harness your confidence.
Learn what motivates you.
Learn how to walk toward your success.
Learn to trust the clarity in your life.
Explore! Experiment. Exclaim, “Yes.”
Learn to question to bring you to new insights.
Realize that success is here and now.

“You are your best friend! If you are not, who will be?”

— Chanit Roston

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